San Diego Dog Training Reviews about Jan Janecki

Buddy had run of the house before Jan came. After one visit, he was listening and obeying very well.
Betty Markoe, Oceanside 26th August 2007

Our two black Labs had a lot of social problems, not to mention separation anxiety. I was worried, as I was expecting our first baby. After Jan's training, we were able to have friends over without fear of the dogs "going wild." It was also very nice to finally be able to walk them together--even with a baby stroller! Thank you for your help!
Stephanie Perks, San Diego 26th August 2007

Our mastiff, Toro, has responded very well to Jan's training techniques. I can control him now.
Bruce Browne, San Diego 26th August 2007

Our two weimaraners, Otto and Diva, were hyper and outrageously wild and aggressive before we hired Jan. Now, they recognize life is changing and we are the leaders now.
Richard & Ellen Klein, Escondido 26th August 2007

Our two dogs, Phil and Cubby, were aggressive with my husband and all our guests. They were out of control. Now that we've worked with Jan, I feel we have the tools to get them under control and gain respect. Look forward to future trainings.
Sabrina Rutkoff, Hemet 26th August 2007

With a shy dog, I was concerned with how he would respond to the training. Jan's insight and patience have helped Koda evolve into a well-adjusted puppy. Her experience has assisted us in understanding the "dog's" way of behaving, and how to overcome obstacles. Jan has really been an asset in helping with the socialization and the behavioral development of Koda.
Stephen Brinsfield, 4S Ranch, San Diego 4th August 2007

We had a really great experience with Jan. Bingo has made HUGE strides since we started.
Blair Davis, La Jolla 12th July 2007

Marley is a very stubborn cattle dog with a mind of his own. He constantly tests us and is very defiant! I noticed immediate results with Jan's training techniques. He responded to the training and will require m ore work on our own, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Maya is a good dog who just needs a little direction. She picked up the techniques and responded immediately as well. Jan is awesome!
Jennifer Hoff, Carlsbad 11th June 2007

My Lab Mandy was barking so much my neighbor was very unhappy. After Jan was here, it has changed dramatically. My neighbor even brought some cookies over as a thank you for the peace and quiet!
Cheryl DuPuis, San Diego 4th May 2007

Sitka, my young Malamute, was very strong-willed, stubborn, harsh and aggressive with submissive dogs before we hired Jan to help us. After training, Sitka responds to my commands of Leave It, Sit, Come, Wait, Stay, etc. very consistently.
Myron Bezenek, Vista 4th May 2007

Jan (Janecki) explained the program and the remedies for Kimba's problems in clear, concise words. She showed a high level of knowledge and willingness to help.
Taylor T., San Diego, CA 13th May 2006

Malakai would not let anyone near her our out house. She was a fear-aggressive dog that hated the mail man. After the first visit, we noticed a change. She's totally a different dog now! Thank you Jan (Janecki) for believing in her -- and in us too!
Joanne & Robert O., Oceanside, CA 13th May 2006

Jan, thank you so much for coming up last night. It was so beneficial. For the first time since I have had Cubby, we ENJOYED a walk together this afternoon. Jared walked Phil and all went smoothly. I know we are by no means done, but what you taught us last night has already made a difference in our lives. Thank you!
Sabrina R., -Hemet, CA 5th April 2006

Our trainer, Jan, was amazing. Our 2-year-old beagle, Tasha, was one very wired dog, thanks to my inconsistencies and her stubborness. After one session, Jan had given me the tools and information I needed to work with Tasha's howling, possessiveness, separation anxiety, pulling on walks, and the list goes on. She immediately was walking quietly behind me on a loose leash, her nightly howling stopped, she's more confident, and we're much more relaxed and happy. Now, we go for more frequent and longer walks, and actually enjoy them. Jan returned for a second visit, and she and I chatted while Tasha napped at my feet - I never thought I'd see that day. And with practice, I know we'll only get better. Bark Busters is the best! Thank you so much, Jan!
Kerrie L., CA 19th March 2006

Before the training our dogs would bark excessively and terrorized anyone who came in our home. Now our dogs are well behaved and are comfortable around guests. Jan Janecki is an excellent dog trainer.
Hugo O., Oceanside, CA 11th December 2005

Our two Labs had a lot of social problems, as well as separation anxiety. After [our trainer] Jan's visit we were able to have friends over without fear of the dogs 'going wild.' It was also very nice to finally be able to walk the two dogs together!
Stephanie P., San Diego, CA 29th April 2005

Our dog was making our household tense and unhappy with his bratty behavior. Once Jan [our trainer] introduced the 'Power of Bah!' life is sweet once more and the dog is so much happier.
Kim S., San Diego, CA 25th March 2005

It was incredible. Within twenty-four hours, my border collie Mick's barking was reduced to an occasional single bark. He was previously barking at almost every situation where he wanted attention. Now just an occasional verbal correction does the job. I am totally impressed with the results.
Jack Gartlan, San Diego, CA 25th March 2005

My golden retriever puppy was rambunctious and wouldn't listen to me before I started working with Jan and the Bark Busters training. She is much better behaved now and I feel I have more control.
Julie B., Encinitas, CA 25th March 2005

The best part is my new found confidence of being able to control my dogs when we near other dogs on our walks. What a change from the old behavior of jumping-pulling-barking and going just plain crazy!
Kerry F., San Diego, CA 25th March 2005

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