San Diego Dog Training Reviews about Jan Janecki

It is like night and day in our home! We SO appreciate the changes in our dogs' behavior. No more jumping or barking as we come home. No more herding us up the stairs. Less nuisance barking. Thank you so much!!
L. A. Kahn, San Diego 21st September 2007

Thank you! This is a really great program and the dogs really respond to the positive reinforcement...loved using praise instead of treats.
Susan Schoeppner, Escondido 27th August 2007

Our two cockapoos, Gidget and Gadget, were out of control and now I have twin girls! Jan helped me get them both behaving well and showed me how to work with Gadget's fearful behaviors.
Christine & Joe Wong, San Diego 27th August 2007

Before we worked with Jan, Rocky, our Italian greyhound, was aggressive with people and out of control. He did not listen to me at all. After the Bark Busters training he now listens to us and is much more calm. Love it!
Marlene Yankovich, San Marcos 26th August 2007

My black Lab, Jacki, would not walk on a leash without pulling--now she's on a gentle leader. I now know how to train and walk her on leash.
Denise Buccola, Oceanside 26th August 2007

Before working with Jan, my Australian terriers were barking at everything, especially my neighbors. The dogs are already showing improvement after one lesson. Thank you!
Jude Segerson, Carlsbad 26th August 2007

Love the methods Jan uses. This is the first time we've ever had a professional trainer help us.
Rob and Anna Rhine, Oceanside 26th August 2007

Our rescued Great Dane, Malakai, would not let anyone near her or our house. She was a fear-aggressive dog that hated the mailman and all guests. After the first visit, we noticed a change. She's a totally different dog now! Thank you Jan for believing in her--and in us too!
Joanne Olayvar, Oceanside 26th August 2007

Our two Australian shepherds, Jake and Dudley, were fighting a lot and one dog was severely injured. The training with Jan helped diffuse the tension that existed between the two dogs. The dogs are living together again, inside and outside, and there hasn't been a recurrence of dog aggression. So far, so good!
Pam Kurz, Encinitas 26th August 2007

Our chocolate Lab puppy, Cocoa, was really biting us and was very fearful and aggressive with guests and other dogs. After a lot of work with Jan, Cocoa responded to the training and calmed down and is no longer biting people.
Kathy Howell, Escondido 26th August 2007

I appreciate learning the philosophy of dog training so we can apply the techniques of training our two labs when Jan is not here.
Dave & Laura Bright, Poway 26th August 2007

Thank you so much for all the information...I feel more confident now! I look forward to working with my dog and having him learn to be well mannered.
Heather W., San Diego 26th August 2007

Great program. The combination of personal presentation and hands-on observation and technique were very efficient.
John Biggs, Mira Mesa 26th August 2007

Jan was very thorough, patient and knowledgeable in her explanation of the training. She answered numerous questions and concerns in a friendly manner. Before training--Dixie showed significant separation anxiety. After just one session her crying and whining are much improved. Basic commands and undesirable behaviors are improved as well.
Rick & Debbie Gaertner, San Diego 26th August 2007

Duke jumped, mouthed and showed very dominant behavior before working with Jan. Using the BAH technique, he was able to be redirected and know that his behavior is not acceptable. He still needs more work (we just started), but he now knows what is not OK.
Abby & Tony Schuett, Oceanside 26th August 2007

I rescued a female Golden Retriever from an animal shelter that turned out to be very dog aggressive. Since working with Jan, Sierra has come a long way. She now heels on leash, sits, stays and waits until I say OK before eating and walking through doorways. She no longer "slams" into me. Before training with Jan Sierra did not listen to me at all and she ran the show. We are still working on barking along fence lines.
Terri Pipes, San Diego 26th August 2007

Before working with Jan, our Maltese, Rufus, was barking uncontrollably. He is so much better now!
Janice & Jim Blazer, San Diego 26th August 2007

We wore the dog out! We learned many good tips and techniques to train our Golden Retriever puppy, Ridgley. Jan's very professional and good at what she does.
Jan & Scott Rieger, San Diego 26th August 2007

Very happy!
Nancy Addaway, San Diego 26th August 2007

Yappy dogs are not popular where I live. We're fixing that. Also, now I'm in charge instead of Puff.
Linda Asaro, Oceanside 26th August 2007

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